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“The reason why your hair is breaking is a lack of true moisture, elasticity, and a lack of small enzyme penetration in the hair shaft”.  - Big Bad D.


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Let me explain how the BBD King Stop Breakage Growth System works. Formulated and manufactured by world renowned hairstylist Big Bad D for relaxed hair, press and curl, color treated and natural hair. Shampoo hair with BBD King Triple Slip Reconstructing Detangling Shampoo, towel dry, Apply 985 Live XP Ridiculous Stop Breakage Liquid Growth Treatment.


​Use the Liquid 985 Liquid Live XP Ridiculous Stop Breakage Growth Treatment for all hair types

Step 1

985 live comes in a spray bottle and a no spray bottle. For a no spray bottle  use 1-2 cap fulls more or less according to the thickness and density of the hair. Massage thoroughly throughout entire head.  For a spray bottle, spray vigorously until the hair is saturated. Apply 985 Live XP Ridiculous Stop Breakage Liquid Enzymes. This is a 2 week treatment. XP is the first stop breakage treatment for all hair types. It contains bentonite clay to pull the impurities out of the hair while infusing amino acids and  liquid enzymes. It has 100K BTU of live culture bacteria providing maximum penetration. This product has amazing penetrating properties mending the hair from the damaged state using nano molecules. These molecules penetrate faster than most creme based conventional conditioners.


After applying 985 Live treatment, put on a plastic cap and sit under the dryer for 20 minutes.  For extreme breakage take plastic cap off and let the treatment air dry or continue under the dryer and dry hair completely. Shampoo with triple slip reconstructing shampoo. This product has a strong odor due to the live cultures.  Towel blot.

Step 2

Apply Stretch Growth Creme throughout the hair. Do not over saturate hair because the hair is pre softened with the 985 live, therefore, it should not take much stretch Growth Crème . Sit under the dryer with plastic cap for 15 minutes. Rinse leaving 5-10% of  Stretch Growth Creme in hair. Stretch is a leave in moisturizing penetrating reconstructor. Stretch works in conjunction with 985 Ridiculous Live XP. These two products work together for maximum protection to stop breakage.


For Thermal Styles, press and curls, relaxer, blow dry and curl, wraps.  Blow dry the hair. After the treatment the stretch a cream based fat molecule moisturizer treatment  and 985 Live, a small molecule treatment moisturizer penetrates the hair for a maximum molecule moisturizing treatment . The 2 work hand in hand for maximum  breakage prevention. For thermal styles leave in 5-10% of stretch because stretch is a leave in reconstructor. Stretch must have heat.

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