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Let Big Bad D show you how the 985 Live XP system works

The reason why hair  breaks is a lack of true moisture and elasticity and a lack of small enzyme penetration in the hair shaft.  For example, if an individual  has a relaxer, or natural hair, when an individual gets a relaxer touch up, on the average, there is about a ¼ to ½ inch of new growth every 4-6 weeks.  If this new growth is added for 3-4 years, the individual should have over 14 inches of hair.  Where did the hair go?  This is the same problem for women that are natural.  Do you really understand what is happening?  The hair is growing at the roots, but breaking at the ends.



Big Bad D can show anyone how the Liquid 985 Live XP Ridiculous Stop Breakage Growth Treatment works. Formulated and manufactured by world renowned hairstylist Big Bad D, Liquid 985 live XP Ridiculous Stop Breakage Growth Treatment is used 2 different ways. Use as a stand- treatment  for all types hair including  relaxed hair, press and curl, color treated or natural hair.


The other use is a stand-alone treatment for wigs and weaves.  These are the ultimate stop breakage treatments for all severe hair breakage.  There are (2) treatments that must be used first. Let me explain. Liquid 985 Live XP Ridiculous Stop Breakage Growth Treatment is the first treatment on all hair types for severe breakage.


When a treatment for Wigs and Weaves is needed use the 985 Live XP Out of Control Treatment for Wigs and Weaves.  Look for directions at the bottom of this page.


There is no product like this on the market today. Here are some of the ingredients that make this product so powerful. It has Bentonite Clay which attacks the hair shaft while extracting  impurities out of the hair at the same time. It infuses Amino Acids, liquid enzymes, Vitamin D, Biotin, Organic Psyllium Husk, Mega B12, Niacin, and Organic Manganese,  into the hair shaft.  It has 100K BTU of live culture bacteria, giving you maximum penetration.  This product has unbelievable penetrating properties for mending the hair back together from the damaged state.  It has been formulated using small molecules,  that  penetrates deeper and faster than most conventional conditioners.

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This product is part 2 of the Wigs and Weaves Stop Breakage System

This product has been specially formulated by Big Bad D.  to specifically address severe breakage while the hair is in braids when wearing a wig or weave.

Ingredients include vitamins A&D, a plant like amino acid, damiaina leaves, Biotin, Omega 3, Betasitosterol, stinging nettles extract, vitamin E and a special formulated fatty acid for moisture.


Remember to leave this product in the hair after treatment.  Do not rinse out.  Braid in and leave in.

This is the last step in the 3 step process to guarantee total moisture during the months and weeks your hair is braided while wearing a wig or weave.

985 Live XP Mega Growth Moisturizer for Wigs and Weaves



Apply mega growth moisturizer on braids while wearing wigs or weaves as often as your braids feels dry. 


Squeeze the bottle and apply from the applicator nozzle onto each and every braid, massage with fingertips into braids for maximum penetration. 


This will give you the extra moisture and nutrients you need during the extra weeks or months while you are wearing a wig or weave.

This works in conjunction with out of control 985 Live XP Ridiculous Liquid Enzyme Stop Breakage Growth Treatment and 985 Live XP Wigs and weave out of Control Stop Breakage Growth Creme Treatment.


This will give you the maximum moisture you need to minimize the shedding that you always get when you take your braids out from wearing wigs and weaves.

This will assure you while you are wearing the Wigs and Weaves to allow your hair to stop breaking and to sustain elasticity and guarantee you long healthy hair. 


This is a 3 step process to stop all breakage.

$45 for 16 oz

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