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Pure Oxygen X -Rebuilding Stop Breakage System.

Step A: Use potent detangling reconstructing shampoo(PERS)


     This shampoo is not like any other on the market today.  Your shampooing with electro enzymes, vitamins, tree leaves and organic teas. Unbelieveable lather, awesome detangling power. It reconstructs the hair while shampooing.


Apply  the shampoo according to the length and density of hair. Shampoo hair twice to ensure maximum build up is removed.


Step B: Super Potent Colonic Enzymes (spce)

This is one of it's kind on the market today.This is a pure liquid enzyme with complete amino acids, extremely powerful and effective for building damaged hair.

    After shampooing ,towel dry hair and add pure oxygen x colonic enzymes (spce) . Apply 25 drops to entire head.

Step C : Severe cuticle rebuilder (scr) 

This is a creme fatty acid with a special blend of amino acids, bentonite clay, electro enzymes and 52 other vitamins and herbs, B6 and B12. It's infused with 100,000 BTUs live cultures. Must be refridgerated. Not to exceed 72 degrees.Extremely effective! nothing compares to it on the market. Apply a generous amount and massage in.

Step D: Push: Liquid Push Activator 1(LPA 1)

This is an oxygen activator.

Step E:Needle Injector - Fill injector twice with step D and push the liquid oxygen activator into an empty cup.

Step F: Pure mineral powder ( pmp)

This is a special blend of amino acids and mineral extracts from plant life with an oxygen activator. Pulling oxygen out of the air, therefore pushing steps b and c deeper into the cuticle layer of the hair fpor maximum rebuilding and reconstructing.Its the first of its kind on the market today. NO ONE has this formulation. 

Take a half teaspoon and apply pure mineral powder step F in to the cup. Stir until it dissolves, It will activate oxygen powder and it should foam aggressively. Pour into spray bottle and spray all over head until it is covered completely, Sit under dryer with cap for 30 minutes then rinse with luke warm water.

Step G: Stop severe breakage moisturizer (ssbm) This is a deep penetrating moisturizing fatty acid that brings back the PH and moisture to the hair.

Apply a generous amount to the hair, massage in and put a plastic cap on and sit under dryer for 15min, rinse with luke warm water and leave 5 to 10 percent of product in hair for extra moisture.

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