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BBD KING Stop Breakage Stretch Growth Creme

BBD KING Stop Breakage Stretch Growth Creme

SKU: 0002

STRETCH Growth Creme is a water based water soluble reconstructor.It contains 22 amino acids.Stretch is not a conditioner, most conditioners contain heavy petroleum, waxes and lanolin, causing the hair to become coated which blocks penetration of moisture.The key to sustaining hair growth is moisture, therefore allowing maximum penetrating of the 22 amino acids.Stretch penetrates the cuticle layer of hair, depositing vial nutrients such as Leucine, Histidine and many more.


Stretch is a leave in moisturizing reconstructor.Stretch is used for relaxers, color treated hair, blow dry and curl, press and curl, wraps, roller sets, natural, afros and two strand twists.It can be used for any hair type and texture.Stretch does not work properly without heat.

There are many ways to use Stretch.


 Stretch can be used for a stop breakage Stop Breakage Treatment.   Use for natural curly hair, relaxers, press and curl, braids and color treated hair.   For a stop breakage treatment,  shampoo hair with BBD King 985 Triple slip reconstructing super detangling  shampoo. Towel dry.  Apply Stretch Growth Creme and massage through entire head, place plastic cap over head, sit under hooded dryer for 20 minutes, rinse and towel dry for a stop breakage treatment.

The second usage is used as a daily maintenance.  As a leave in use a dime to a quarters worth more or less according the thickness and dryness of your hair as often as your hair feels dry during the week.  Stretch needs heat.  To cause heat   Vigerously push the stretch in the hair shaft causing friction in the hands to create heat.  This gives you maximum protection during the week and will keep moisture in your hair, stopping your hair from breaking.

You wil be amazed at how it will stop your hair from breaking.  For more ways to use Stretch go to Go to FACEBOOK BBD KING, FACEBOOK BIGBADD, YouTube BBD STRETCH, YouTube BBDKINGSTRETCHGROWTHCREME or


BBD King stretch Stop Breakage Growth Crème is unbelievable used as a press and curl.Apply a dime to a quarters worth more or less according to the thickness and dryness of your hair.Use in conjuction with BBD King flat iron lotion and BBD King Keala oil.Use 1 drop of flat iron lotion and 2 drops of Keala oil.Blow into the hair with a blow dryer and then press out with a flat iron or a pressing iron.Can be used on wet and dry hair.If you want extra body use BBD King Butter.


For wet and dry hair apply stretch a dime to a quarters worth depending upon the thickness and dryness of your hair.Blow hai dry. Apply1 drop of flat iron lotion and 2 drops of Keala oil.


     22 oz.  **Free 2 oz. jar of stretch Growth Creme with purchase of this product.


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