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Amazing Growth Edge Rebuilder and Hairline Stabilizer

Amazing Growth Edge Rebuilder and Hairline Stabilizer

BBD KING PRODUCT presents the first of its kind the AMAZING GROWTH EDGE REBUILDER & HAIRLINE STABILIZER. This product has been formulated by BIG BAD D himself, with many years of research he has developed one of the finest cream edge rebuilders and hairline stabilizers in the world today. With over 53 Organic vitamins, teas, extracts, electro enzymes, natural herbs, essential, exotic and rare oils.


  • Have you experienced extreme edge trauma?
  • Do you have hair loss and thinning edges from tight braids and weaves?
  • Overusage of bonding glue, damaging relaxers ,drying hair gel’s,heat damage from flat iron’s ,harsh shampoos and conditioners.
  • DIRECTIONS: This is how it works apply a small amount to fingertips, massage into hairline . While massaging it’s bringing blood to the epidermis layer to the top of the skin. This is your carrier, this is what you need to carry the high dense nutrients back to the Arrector Pilli Muscle, Sebaceous Gland, Apocrine Sweat Gland, Hair Bulb, Hair Matrix and Hair Papilla.
  • Therefore, feeding the scalp with the proper balanced nutrients from the amazing growth edge rebuilder and hairline stabilizer . We have unbelievable testimonies of how this product works. You will be amazed at the results you will get with BBD.
  • For best results, this product works in conjunction with the BBD Edge Rebuilder Manuka Shampoo and THE BBD Edge Rebuilder Palmerosa Conditioner.
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